Google+ Notifier for Windows Desktop


 Google + is expected soon to surpass 20 million users. Knowing that the service was officially launched by Google on June 28, we can say that it's really a bad score. Facebook had not done so. Finally, the fact remains that some of you spend a few days on their social network and Google  Google+ Notifier  for windows desktop may just make them a great service. For indeed, as its name implies, it allows you to integrate with the Windows task bar a nice little icon that keeps you informed of all
your notifications.


Simple, then. However, and I stress this point, Google + Notifier has a major drawback. To run the application, you will absolutely capture your Google Account username and password. This simply means that if the person who laid this tool is malicious, then it will have full access to your profile + Google, of course, but also data that you store on all other services of the firm.Which includes Google Docs or Gmail. Here, we do agree, it's a little scary and there is no doubt that this should calm you down a lot. Me, anyway, it gave me the impression of a real cold shower.

You are now warned. In my case, knowing that I run Windows bike is quick but if you want to test this tool, please make this into account before you start. It would be a shame that all your dealings with Tania can be found on IRC, right?

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