Google introduced voice-assistant Google Now, after announcing the mobile platform Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The service provides users with useful information, based on the calendar and the history of search queries. In particular, Google Now can provide information about the flight, sports teams and the upcoming meetings on the basis of previous queries.

Last year, there were rumors that Google wanted to  move Google Now from Android-smartphone to Apple mobile devices. Today, this information was confirmed: On YouTube, appeared official a video advertising the personal assistant for iOS-devices. It says that Google Now will provide iPhone and iPad visible and relevant information.

Notably, Google Now that the service should run on most devices by Apple, but it is not available to owners of Android phones in the following versions Jelly Bean. Although it is likely that the censors would not be released in Cupertino voice assistant Google Now the store App Store. The company can give reasons “doubling basic features iOS».

Almost immediately after the appearance of the web 40-second spot, Google removed the video from public view. Evidence preserved by Engadget.

Past it was once pronounced that Google Now will likely be on hand on computer systems. New construct Chromium for Home windows and Chrome OS working device helps notifications from Google Now, that suggests the upcoming look of the pc model of the assistant.



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