Chrome-2One of the most popular services for Android-powered smartphones Google Now is now available on Mac and Windows. A month after the start of the open beta Google has opened the card a personal assistant for all users desktop platforms . To activate the assistant must log in under the same account on your computer and your smartphone or tablet. Notifications will appear in a separate window that opens click on the button in the top menu OS X. Alerts operate independently of Chrome, so the browser can be minimized or closed.

Google Now provides useful content based on search queries , location and other information. Service can provide information about the weather, nearby restaurants , places of interest and so on. Most of these ” sharpened” for mobile devices . However, something can be useful for the ” desktop “.

“If you use Google Now on your smartphone or tablet , then went into the Chrome on your computer , you can also get some tips , such as weather , the outcome of sporting events , traffic congestion , and upcoming events . Please note that these tips may depend on the location of the mobile device . ”


Function “computer » Google Now, however, is not so broad as to smartphones. It can only notify you of upcoming events in the “Calendar” , sports scores , weather and traffic jams. As already mentioned, to include a new feature that should be connected to your Google Account in Chrome. At this account must be the same as that for the mobile device.

Assistant Google Now available on iPhone and iPad in a separate application Google Search .

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