google-now-vs-siriApple voice assistant Siri has become one of the most advantageous iOS firmware feature since the iPhone 4S was released in 2011, it is not surprising that other companies are moving in the same direction. For example, Google launched its own technology, Google Voice Search, which is a search engine that accepts queries in the form of voice messages.

Members Android 4.1 and above have access to a personal assistant, who many see as the main rival Siri. It recognizes natural speech, using materials in issuing Wikipedia, Google Image Search and other services.

Feature of the search engine Google Voice Search is a high speed processing of requests that can not be said of its competitors. Unlike Siri and Samsung S-Voice, voice assistant Jelly Bean gives results almost instantly. In addition, the technology is able to handle non-standard requests, offering a variety of answers. Google Voice Search works in tandem with the contextual search Google Now.

Journalists Cnet decided to compare the work of voice technology Apple and Google, asking devices – iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 – similar issues. For the purity of the experiment both the smartphone have been disconnected from the cellular network and connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Evaluate the work of technology can be at the 7 minute clip. In many tests Google Now really faster Siri responds to requests, but he can not cope with complex tasks such as launching applications, incorporating music and checking email. [via Cnet]

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