Google officially Android N Is Now Android Nougat 7.0


Android-N-statueGoogle just announced via his Twitter account -and also in Snapchat- the mysterious name that will be known from now on to Android N … and will Nougat. So Android 7.0 already has its official name.

While many in the industry were betting on an option known as Nutella, which also would have served for a nice cross-marketing action as happened with Kit Kat Nougat end it has been the name chosen by Google. Interestingly Google conducted a survey so users could express their support for the different options of “N”. In that vote Nutella obtained 62%, Nesquik 13% and Nougat just 5%.

Android Nougat or just N, as it was known until now, is the seventh version of the Google operating system for phones and tablets becoming definitively the market in late summer. Since last April, however, some users have been able to use test versions and development that Google has made public for certain phone models, such as the Nexus range.

For the user, this new version will bring little change. Google engineers have focused on improving the internal stability of the system, reduce battery consumption and add new components that improve the speed of loading web pages or the quality of the games.

There is a notable exception is that Nougat will be the first version of Android with support for split screen phone or tablet to use two applications simultaneously. Some manufacturers, such as Samsung, have implemented this option in some specific products but using own and limited to few apps support software.

Google will face a familiar problem Nougat, the reluctance of manufacturers to upgrade phones and tablets already sold to new versions of Android. Marshmallow, the current version of Android, for example announced in June 2015 but so far is only present in 10% of the phones. Lollipop, the previous version, is only 35% of smartphones and KitKat, an operating system three years ago still reigns in 31% of Android phones. The networking giant has tried to combat this fragmentation with different tactics but so far without success.

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