Google has once again forced to rethink the concept of ” open software platform ” to ensure any developer for iOS and Android potential to broadcast streaming video through Chromecast.

Set-top box Chromecast to broadcast streaming video and audio to mobile devices and computers on the TV screen , Google introduced last year. Externally Chromecast like a conventional ” stick “, but has no USB- connector, and HDMI- connector for connecting to a TV . Built-in Wi-Fi module is responsible for receiving the signal from the other gadgets and the Internet wirelessly .

Now Google has decided to empower Chromecast. Release toolkit Google Cast Software Development Kit will allow any streaming video provider to write an application for set-top boxes or integrated with existing software device . Where will it end , it seems, do not even know most managers Google. They promise that the last word is for them and a huge number of unscrupulous broadcasters we do not see , but it’s hard to imagine how the company will restrict the flow of content.

Chromecast allows you to view multimedia content on a big screen TV and supports such popular services like YouTube, Netflix, as well as music and movies from the store Google Play. In December, Google has added support for 10 new Chromecast applications allowing to broadcast multimedia content from your smartphone or tablet to your TV.

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