Google patent case might result in U.S. ban of merchandise over 3G patent


Google is trying to have Apple products over 3G patent such as the iPhone and iPad ban from the U.S. The news suddenly appeared yesterdayThe reality shows, however, there is no question of a sudden hostile action from Google. What is going on: the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), an earlier decision of ITC Judge Thomas Pender again to the light. Pender ruled previously that Apple infringes the patent of 3G Motorola ith number 6,246,697 , which after a takeover now part of Google. Re-examining the case may possibly lead to the import of iPhone and iPad in the U.S. is prohibited.


The committee on August 24, 2012 final decision and give the possibility to appliances produced in Asia not in the U.S. to admit. It would be a huge blow to Apple, where the iPhone, iPad and related equipment account for 78 percent of sales. The iPhone, Apple did last quarter $ 22 billion turnover, 58% of the total turnover of the company. The iPad provides an additional $ 9.2 billion in revenue for Apple, nearly 20% of total sales. A ban will therefore have major consequences.

The case has been playing since October 2010 when Motorola Mobility a complaint. It was a response to comments from Apple that Android phones features were imitated, and lawsuits against Samsung launched. It even played a federal lawsuit in Chicago last week by the judge was put stop because there is insufficient evidence could be supplied.

In Europe, Apple itself started a lawsuit against Motorola Mobility, because the company would exploit those patents essential functionality in the mobile industry describe. The patent at issue in the U.S. ITC case are also some essential patent, where the standard for 3G technology is discussed. All modern smartphones that use standard 3G technology. Apple believes that Motorola Mobility has helped develop the standard itself and therefore may not be able to have products that use the standard block. Apple then launched a lawsuit because Motorola Mobility according to them the patent is under fair and reasonable terms in license offer, while there is mandatory.

The ITC now has an interesting decision, the committee must determine whether a ban should be issued for products that infringe patents standard. All four patents from Motorola Mobility will be reviewed.

Google announced on August 15, 2011 Motorola Mobility announced that they wanted to take over. The acquisition has been approved by the relevant authorities. One of the reasons (and perhaps the main reason) to buy Motorola Mobility was the big patent portfolio of 17,000 units.Many of them have mobile phones to make an important topic for Google Android.


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