Google Photos App For iOS, Android Brings Free Unlimted Storage


google photos

Google introduces Google Photos, its photo service with free unlimited storage and numerous editing functions and organization.

One of the intended uses of the cloud is the photo storage and synchronization across these different devices. But the existence of several constraints (poor storage, high prices, limitations of platforms, etc.) have prevented the use of the cloud to expand as much as many would like. To try to alter this situation and fully open the doors to the cloud, Google has decided to step up with Google Photos, its innovative new storage service and photo management.

Google Photos reaches, as the rumors suggested, as a spin-off of the section “photos” of Google+. Inherits many of the functions already enjoyed the social network of US company and also the improvement by adding new features (such as face recognition and organization of pictures based on these, the multiple selection of elements by gestures, etc.) and the platform (available on web, Android and iOS).

15As if this were not enough, Google also wanted to remove the remaining barriers by establishing a basic plan with unlimited storage Free. That is, no matter if your library weighs 250 MB or 29 TB, you can upload it entirely to Google Photos and accessible from almost any device you want. All with minimal compression for both videos and photos-the videos will be uploaded to a 1080p-.

This solution is a firm step forward in the cloud computing industry geared to the general public. Also, being totally independent of Android M, anyone can enjoy regardless of the device or the version of the operating system used, accepting a wider range of audience.

Google Photos, a priori, have to compete with solutions like iCloud photo library, which opened a few months ago by Apple. Yes, unlimited storage and more open to other platforms can greatly make a difference, putting this proposal Google one step ahead of the rest.

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