Google Pixel 4 DxOMark camera test


For the first time, the search engine giant is using a dual main camera in its top smartphone. Does this upgrade put Google Pixel 4 in front of DxOMark in the camera test?

The experts from DxOMark give the Google Pixel 4 camera a total of 112 points. The smartphone succeeds in a decent jump compared to its predecessor. The Pixel 4 makes it to the eighth place, but by no means on a top position. The Huawei Mate 30 Pro (121) continues in front of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G (117).

The residue of Google Pixel 4, however, is homemade and due to the absence of an ultra-wide-angle lens and a ToF sensor, according to the experts. The equipment namely offers the device with triple and quad cameras.

The lack of hardware is annoying because the built-in Google Pixel 4 components and the very good camera software represent a very attractive package. The exposure was accurate and shooting would have a nice contrast with many details – in outdoor and indoor shots. In addition, the autofocus works quickly and accurately.


Color fidelity is also among the best. In particular, the correct representation of skin tones is a strength of the camera. Saturation and white balance, as well as image sharpness, also convinced. In low light conditions, however, more details were lost and the noise was stronger than the competition.

The Google Pixel 4 provides a setup on the back of a wide-angle with 12.2 megapixels and a telephoto lens with 16 megapixels. The latter allows a double optical magnification. A hybrid zoom combines the optical magnification with a digital one. Apparently, this works in practice excellent and the zoom should be one of the absolute strengths of the smartphone.


You can also enjoy your bokeh effect. However, the camera performs with minor errors in the depth perception. This is allegedly due to missing hardware, which is why smartphones with ToF cameras are better in this regard. In the front, there is a single lens, which according to the test is on the same level as the pixel 3.

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