The iPhone App Google Places has a different name. Now you can find the app like Google Local + in the App StoreThe functions are still largely the same: you can search for interesting places nearby such as restaurants, bars, ATMs and gas stations. Save to favorites for later quick access and based on reviews from friends see you there or around something fun to experience. In May, Google changed the name to all Places + Google Local, and added new data to it (including reviews by Zaga
t, a restaurant review site that they have taken over).


 Yet in the app also added some new features such as search with your voice and the assessment of useful places. The app contains more information when you log in with your Google Account +. Google promises that you get full access to the Zagat-reviews, recommendations and information from your community. In terms of functionality, the app is still somewhat limited and also as regards the information is there still some things to improve. According to Google Local is the nearest ATM + 1.3 kilometers away, while there are some other much closer n
ear it. 
Do you have a useful place you like, you can display them on the map, plan a route, request more information, call the place judge, add a photo or report a problem. xAlso included are some places already have a picture for orientation.

The app is not optimized for the iPhone. Speech worked during a short test still not good. We were constantly shows "Voice Prov. not avail. Start application again. "Retry had little effect.

Download: Google Local +


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