6000 folks!&#one hundred sixty;Is the choice of staff that Google needs to rent in 2011&#one hundred sixty;.&#one hundred sixty;When she expressed her need to recruit closely, the web large mentioned it could be bolstered in any respect ranges.

Clearly, if we consider the&#a hundred and sixty;Wall Street Journal , Google wants to hire such a large number of developers to enhance its software on Android.


Google's goal is simple: catch up with Apple on the front of the App Store. In this area, Apple holds the rope with more than 350,000 applications, against "only" 100,000 for the Android Market.

Until now, Google has developed a score of software, which are mostly of them of "remakes" of existing services on the web. The Internet giant wants to move up a gear and would particularly differentiate its platform by offering in some cases exclusive applications.

So far, only a few exceptions such as Google Maps navigation, society has often declined its software on other platforms starting with iOS.

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