Google Play and App Retailer: information, traits, gross sales and high publishers


In 2012 now we have considered many success tales when functions transform extremely popular in a subject of days, gaining hundreds of thousands of bucks of income and downloads. Then again, quite a few research point out the existence of a big professional knowledge share of the functions which might be virtually no longer downloaded with the aid of customers and don’t carry income to their creators.

Alternatively, if we take a look at the day-to-day selection of downloads and gross sales volumes in the entire world, the potential for this market is large. In November 2012, the common day by day income within the App Retailer used to be $ 15 million in Google Play – slightly below $ three.5 million. Be aware that  information on earnings in simplest 20 nations, each for Google Play, and for the App Retailer, however the record does no longer embrace international locations with smaller day-to-day earnings. Be aware that the highest 20 international locations in relation to earnings.


The U.S. continues to steer in gross sales of cellular purposes


Consolidated revenues App Retailer and Google Play in 20 international locations

Google Play and App Store

U.S. remains the largest market in terms of revenue. They are followed by Japan, the UK and Australia. If we analyze the data only on Google Play, here in the U.S. main rival Japan. Although Japan is the second market in terms of revenue iPhone -applications, applications for iPad has practically not profitable. Another successful example is Google Play South Korea, under the domain Samsung , where revenues iPhone and iPad apps are quite low, but the revenue Google Play this country in third place.

Google Play catching App Store?

Google Play and App Store

Google Play has shown phenomenal growth in the last four months – the total daily revenue growth of 43% for the top 20 countries. Growth of the App Store for iPhone and iPad is less impressive – 21% over the same period, but when compared to January 2012, then increase daily revenue Apple app store is 51%. Daily iPad-apps revenue grew by 71%, and the iPhone – by 40%.

While the rise in Google Play for August-November, close to the rate of App Store in 2012, it should be remembered that, in absolute terms, revenue App Store was already much higher. If we compare daily earnings App Store and Google Play together, the App Store continues to grow rapidly.

Growth rates were not the same in all countries. In some markets, daily revenue, and so was high, while in the other iPhone sales started only in 2012. The table below shows the top five countries with the highest growth rates of daily revenue App Store and Google Play between August and November 2012. Note that the rankings App Store for iPad is Russia, which is also included in two other top five countries.

Google Play and App Store

As mentioned, the iPad-revenue applications in Japan was relatively lower iPhone-revenue. The same is true for downloads, but in other countries iPad-application, even more popular than the iPhone-app. The country with the greatest “addiction” to the plates was Russia, where 46% of all iOS-downloads accounted for iPad. If you look at earnings, revenue iPad in some countries already exceeds the same indicator iPhone. Although this is only a reflection of the difference between downloading the iPhone and iPad, it is a good indicator of popularity of tablets in the country. Since Android -tablet gradually gaining momentum, countries with a high percentage of downloads and use of iPad, most likely, be active and on the market Android-tablet, you should take note of the publishers Android-apps for tablets.


IPad-share in the total volume of downloads downloads iOS-applications by country.

Google Play and App Store

Successful Publishing

Everyone remembers the success stories of applications that gained millions of users in just a few days. In 2012, a great example was the Draw Something , which attracted a million “users” for nine days. However, this is not a record! Naver , one of the most successful Asian publishers, launched at the end of November, five applications. Line Pop , estimated to Distimo, generated 1.75 million downloads in the first three days after launch. But the success of Line Pop is not limited to the number of users – it is estimated that sales of this application exceeded one million dollars for the first 12 days.

Such blitzkrieg in App Store usually occur with games, because that is the type of applications downloaded the most, they also generate the most revenue. However, other types of applications are capable of such records. At the bottom of the graph reflects the popularity of each category of applications for shares of the total volume of app stores.


Downloads and revenues and iOS-Android apps by category (aggregate statistics on Google Play and the App Store). Categories with less than 2% on the chart are not shown.

Google Play and App Store

Popularity Number of applications continues to grow


The share of revenue from purchases of the apps in the App Store

Google Play and App Store

Over the past several years, the average price of applications declined, due to increasing competition. Moreover, one of the main trends in recent years has become a model of monetization of applications is due to purchases of additional content rather than traditional paid downloads. However, despite this trend, some publishers adhere to premium-monetization models and successful. The most typical example of this approach in 2012 was app Minecraft – Pocket Edition . In addition to Minecraft, such well-known publishers like Electronic Arts, Apple and Gameloft continues to receive substantial portion of the revenues from paid downloads.Top 10 most profitable publishers iOS-applications received 35% of its revenue through premium-downloads.

Navigation applications most expensive

The average selling price of applications in the App Store for iPhone and iPad is the highest in terms of navigation, Business and Performance (as translated into Russian App Store English word Productivity). In general, users are more likely to agree to higher prices in the App Store for iPad.

Compared with January 2012, the average price fell from 3.42 application dollar by 8% in the App Store for iPad. The average price of iPhone-applications rose by 16% over the 2012 to $ 1.86 in January last year. It is interesting that the average price in Google Play higher than in the App Store for iPhone.


Average prices for iOS-application for each category for iPhone and iPad

Google Play and App Store

Winner takes all?


The number of applications that generated 10% of free downloads and revenues

Google Play and App Store

Seven applications have generated 10% of revenue in November 2012 in the App Store for iPhone. Compared with January 2012, their number has significantly dropped – then 10% of revenue brought eleven applications. 10% of free downloads threw an 31 application. Moreover, in the App Store for iPad and Google Play figures are even lower, at the concentration of downloads and revenues around the top applications are even higher.


Top 10 Cross-publishers and Google Play App Store on revenue (in the top 20 countries)

Google Play and App Store

This chart 9 out of ten publishers – gaming firms. Apple handiest received a ranking, although it sells its merchandise most effective within the App Retailer. Every other writer, there is just one retailer, – Supercell . This firm has revealed best two video games – Conflict of Clans and hayday , which center of attention totally on the customers of capsules.

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