Google Play Store 6.0.5 APK Available To Dwonload


google play store 6.0.5

After Google released the update for the Play Store a few weeks ago, today we have seen that there was a new patch for the app, but this time smaller and less news; but equally important to keep in mind. In the Play Store update 6.0, major changes, as were reflected directly in the same interface Store. This update, which came a little later to Spain, gave a small but significant facelift to the store of Google; changes that could see nothing but access the Play Store in a simple tutorial.

However, apart from the visual changes we could find, the most notable change is that now the store is classified directly into a division two sections. On the one hand we have the category of applications and games, and on the other hand Entertainment. With their names it is quite clear what each: the first category we see bubbles classify different depending on whether apps are games, the most popular, by category, family or editor selection. The entertainment section, meanwhile, making is to gather in one place all content such as movies, music, books or kiosk.


Furthermore, as regards the visual changes, the more remarkable is how far each section is divided into small bubbles. These, once you access the menu of different categories, have changed several shades of green, like light green, aqua green, blue and dark green, following the pattern of colors and marked the app that identifies it as such.

Changes in 6.0.5 of Google Play Store APK update

These are all innovations that came included in the last update. But what we can find in the new patch today received the Play Store? There are two major additions that stand out above: the option to make gifts in the store and eventually Family Sharing program.

The option to give apps and content of the Play Store to other users was high demand, and we can finally make use of it. Thus, as happens with other platforms, we can choose to have a detail with a friend or relative and give him that much desired or app that you think might be interested.

Family Sharing is another added very important and interesting, the idea is that you create a family library, where elected members can share content, apps, music and more. The idea behind this option is that, within a home, it is very annoying to have to repeatedly buy the same digital content that is accessible only through a single device or user.

Thus, if a family buys, for example, a game of the Play Store, any member who is in the family library can use it as if he or she had purchased with her own. It is indeed a necessary option today, where digital content is as to the agenda and we use it continuously.

Finally, another interesting change that brings the Play Store update 6.0.5 is to use credit cards with NFC-enabled, so that our purchases faster and easier. And that’s all! What do you have like these changes? Were hoping to win the Family Sharing option, or wanted Google to expand other elements of the Store?

Download Google Play Store APK version 6.0.5 from here.

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