Google promised to support Samsung in the fight against Apple


Apple1Google intends to help Samsung in patent dispute with Apple, shows the correspondence between the South Korean corporation and the search giant . The document was published as part of litigation by Apple and Samsung.

Most of the claims manufacturer of iPhone and iPad due to the software used in gadgets Samsung. And Google ‘s lawyers will help Koreans to prove that Android has been developed independently of iOS. In particular, the Internet Corporation would side with Samsung in all that relates to technology background synchronization, and universal search , and it compensates for the loss of all of these patents in the event that the court will side with Apple.

It is suggested that the way in Seoul indirectly admitted their mistake and the fact that the use of foreign technology , thereby violating the patent rights of Apple.

Today Android – the most common operating system on mobile phones and is working on more than one billion devices worldwide. This means that if the Cupertino-based company won the case , Google will have to change much in the key components of Android, and Samsung and other manufacturers of phones with this operating system will have to make appropriate changes to the software of their gadgets , experts say.

Recall , Apple demands that Samsung paid $2.19 billion for violating five of its patents. At a recent hearing, a Yale University professor Judith Chevalier said that an American corporation repeatedly overstated the amount of compensation. According to the expert , even if we assume that Samsung infringed Apple’s patents all five , the amount of compensation should be $1.75 each sold Samsung smartphone in the U.S. ( at $0.35 per patent) , not $ 40 , as required by Apple.

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