Since the advent of 3D Touch technology to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, although the first device that implemented outside was the Apple Watch, there have been many rumors about the possibility that other companies will launch similar featuress, either through a layer customization or waiting for the Google directly integrated into some of its Android updates.

But of course, it is always said that manufacturers copied to Apple, when in fact it seems that Apple has been using some patents already registered without passing per box, so apparently much to say fans of Apple, signing Cupertino who has not been invented.

Regardless of who patented it or invented, according to recent rumors, the developer conference to be held in a few days, Google does not plan to introduce this technology for developed begin to take advantage in their applications in the next version of Android N. According to published Recode site, Google has delayed the launch of this technology similar to 3D Touch, since apparently is working on it to offer many more features currently offered by Apple devices that implement it.


But Recode says that maybe Google could show what you plan to do with this technology, but lack of time and resources may not be available in the final version, which would indicate that perhaps Google’s plans would throw in the next version of Android “O” or as the previous version is called. 3D Touch technology allows us to perform different functions depending on the level of pressure that we make on the screen. We do not know that Google implemented this feature, but if it passes need a special screen, such as the iPhone, maybe even in three or four years this technology might not be available in the Android market.

(Source: Recode)

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