Google released Android Tutorials for developers


It”s no secret that the majority of our purposes will not be simply Android shine with design. Having a look comparatively at an app from iOS, it is going to be virtually green with envy. As a result of nearly each app, which is discovered within the Apple App Retailer, shines with a just right to excellent design. Precisely this drawback, Google has now assumed, as a result of to any extent further be discovered on the Android Developer website a series of tutorials that explain under the heading “Training Android” the right of developing Android apps.


The example of the Google developers can see very well that there are other ways, so show how Google Apps + or the Android Market, that a very good design is possible with Android. For this reason, the publisher of the Android operating system has tinkered some tutorials for developers to offer tutoring. According to statements by the tutorial is very helpful for new and experienced developers.

This course includes a total of eleven categories in which there are 34 different tutorials. Over time, Google will expand this database to the developers continue to fall under the arms. Supported in these instructions are the basics of App development step by step description of this will guide with sample code, illuminating illustrations and much more.

” Each class explains the steps required to solve a problem or implement a feature using sample code and code snippets for you to use in your apps , “it says  on the Developers page . ” What you see now is just the beginning. We plan to add many more classes, expand and refine existing classes, and build training Courses that help you enhance your apps using objective-oriented collections of classes . “

It really seems as if Google had done everything right in this case, because the better app development is in the interest of all Android users. This starts with the sensible navigation to the specific application and ends with the optimal battery usage. For precisely these applications, the tutorials are designed, because they focus on the truly practical and user-friendliness.

This tutoring is not the only area in which Google tries to help his developers, because the beginning of November is an online manual for the app Galaxy  regarded. On this website online, Google tries to provide an explanation for how the best advertising and marketing will have to search for a person utility.

We hope that the builders of the numerous guidelines and tips from Google to equip hearts and their purposes at some point with a greater design.

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