Google already hold Glass Foundry event on 28-29 January in San Francisco and on 1-2 February in New York. The event was held in a closed session is intended to provide the first opportunity for developers to develop applications for Google’s new gadget.

After some time, I apparently have Decided to show how the organization of the event through the photos released from the Google Developer account on Google+. In addition to images, Google also gives little information about the event Glass Foundry.

The Participants in the first day of Foundry Glass received an explanation about how to use Google and Glass. After that the Participants described about Mirror API that can be used to develop applications for Google’s Goggles. We divide the Participants into teams who then can make more than 80 applications for the creation of these glasses.

Google_Glass_Foundry Google_Glass_Foundry

On the 2d day, builders are given the chance to exhibit their creations in entrance of a panel of judges. People who participated within the experience acquired a present glass plaque with the phrase ‘pioneer’ for his or her position in creating the expertise. Developer of presentation introduction, taken eight groups earn prizes. The winners had been free of the associated fee outlay for Glass Explorer Model. Google someday hopes to carry the experience once more Glass Foundry once more.

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