Google has as of late at its annual developer convention, Google I / O introduced that its Chrome browser now also available for iPhone and iPad available. The new app's main features tabs and the ability to synchronize personal information between your desktop and your IOS devices. Like the desktop version of Google Chrome, the new browser also supports the Incognito or privacy mode, which allows you to surf without leaving a trace.

Chrome iPhoneRelease of Chrome users iOS-gadgets asked for a long time – many people who, for whatever reason are not satisfied with the integrated Safari, enjoy this event. The application runs on mobile devices running versions 4.3 or later, it can be downloaded from the App Store today (at time of writing the program material was not available, but we will update news as soon as the release will take place). It supports synchronization with their desktop counterparts, and looks like a full-featured browser, which many of us know and love.

Google also made known that Google Chrome with 310 million active users has now become the most widely used browser today. It is therefore obvious to Chrome also to the IOS platform to bring. Yet it seems that we should not cheer too loudly immediately. According to Apple's guidelines, all alternative browsers use the API called UIWebView instance in which the quick Nitro JavaScript engine in Safari can be used. This would, according to experts might well mean that the performance could be disappointing.

We already know that it will work the same way as the desktop version of the browser. Chrome for the iPhone and the iPad will be able to synchronize all the open tabs, passwords, browsing history, and many other things that should be able every self-respecting browser.Given how many fans in the browser, it is possible that soon will tweak in Cydia allows you to install Chrome as the default browser.


Chrome for iOS can be downloaded right now from iTunes App Store


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