This is the bombshell of the week that Google has revoked Huawei Android license. This act seriously threatens to undermine the mobile department of a company that recently has been able to scale the smartphone market with increasingly interesting products. Will Apple take advantage of it most?

For those who had only woken up today after a long weekend and have not yet read the news, let us remember that Google has officially “banned” Huawei. This means that the company’s future smartphones will not be able to use Google Play and all Google services (including various apps like Maps, Gmail or Chrome) and will not be able to benefit from Android updates. On down selling smartphones, however, only security updates will be released.

Huawei is already working on its own operating system based on Android’s open source code, should the situation not change in the coming months.

Google has complied with a choice made by the Trump government after various investigations into Huawei, accused of violating various security protocols and of having used spy software to control important politicians and CEOs of US companies with the help of the Chinese government. Huawei has also been accused of violating US sanctions against Iran.

However, the US government has left Huawei with a 90-day temporary license to continue to purchase components from suppliers in the US and continue to receive Android software updates. After this date, the ban will be fully in force.

(Sources: The Verge)

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