Google Search: Launch of the voice search and picture search


Google has simply presented its newest advances in ergonomics and performance to its search engine and I need to say it has spoiled us. Certainly, because it bargains little direct search by means of a photograph that’s in your laptop or Web and even (as was once already imaginable on some cellular and Web) thru a gadget of voice search . He took the chance to offer the flavour of the day its cell model..


On a smartphone, you’re not limited to type your query, you can search by voice , or starting from a picture . You can now do the same on your desktop with voice search on and search on Google Images and image , while saving time with the instant search on Google Images and technology Instant Pages .

Voice Search

The voice search is available on mobile phones since 2008, but you’re so used to type your queries than you think probably not right away using your voice. With the voice search now available on computer, search through the voice becomes more intuitive and the idea to launch a search simply by stating it will become more natural, whatever the topic of your search.

Voice search can be particularly useful for long running queries such as ” pictures of big waves at Waimea Bay “, or to spell complicated words like” Schenectady, New York “. It may also be useful if you’re feeling talkative and you prefer to dictate your question aloud rather than typing. For example, you might want to find a “recipe for spaghetti bolognese.” Simply click on the microphone and speak.


Voice search on the computer uses the Speech API for Chrome, and will be available on Chrome 11 + in English during the coming week. You will of course ensure proper operation of your microwave, either integrated or connected to your computer.

Search By Image

Since 2009, you can search from an image using Google Goggles on your mobile. It may be that in some cases you can not find words to describe what you are looking for, for example this beautiful beach on a holiday photo. For applications where an image is much more descriptive than words, you can now start the search directly from an image .

To search by image, go to and drop your photo in the search field. There are several ways to do so. You can click on the icon to select a camera and image on your computer, or paste the URL of an image found on the web. You can also drop an image from your computer or from another page in the search field. To search for images on the Web more quickly with one click, you can download the extension Chrome or Firefox .


The search image shows the best results for images with similar content on the Web, so you’ll have a better chance to get good results for images of monuments and paintings as unique pictures as the last of doodles your offspring.In addition to finding relevant information about your image, you’ll find images visually similar or the same image in different sizes or resolutions.

The search image is based on visual recognition technology used in Google Goggles , with new techniques and improved functionality for desktop experience. The technology behind the search by image analysis to extract your image points, curves and textures of the most representative, and re-created a mathematical model. We then compare this model to the billions of images referenced in our index, and page analysis helps us to derive a textual description of your picture. This technology also allows you to view similar images and web pages containing your image.

The search image is being deployed and will be available in most countries over the coming days. Chrome and Firefox extensions which are already available, but will be fully functional until the full deployment of technology in your country.

Google Images with Instant Search

Another theme of our conference concerned the speed. Last fall, we launched Google Instant, a technology designed to provide you with results while you type the query. We have demonstrated during the conference of the instant search to find appropriate images.

Instant Search Google Image will be available over the coming months for all areas and all languages ​​that Google Instant is available. If you can not wait, you can enable the experimental / experimental .

Instant Pages

Whether you are looking at the keyboard typing, dictating your query, or you based on an image, enter your query is only part of the process. Your search is not really complete until you have not found what you’re looking for. The wait page loading lengthens even the experience: the average time a page loads is 5 seconds.

With Instant Pages for Chrome , you can significantly reduce the waiting time with pages that load instantly.

For research we are able to guess that you’ll probably click the first result, technology start charging Instant Pages page in advance so that it appears instantly when you click on it. Here’s a comparison:
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