Google +: sending private messages with a click


It's been a very long time that it’s imaginable to ship a message to a person on Google + . To do this, just simply add the contact of their choice in writing a post. Rather quickly, it works well but Google has nevertheless decided to make things easier by incorporating a new button to each of our profiles. A button that simply sending a private message to a user with one click.


For the button, it's not a surprise, everything is on the side of our profiles . Basically, below my avatar, there were a button to easily send an email to a user. Now it will take a second button that will send a private message to the user of our choice. Inevitably, in principle, it is not particularly interesting to have to go through the profile of a user to send a private message (when it is not possible to do directly from the editing window of a new post) but say that this feature may be useful to all those who put forward their profiles + Google on their site or their blog.

So it's quite nice from Google to think our lives easier, but the fact remains that this is also a good time is expected the arrival of the pages on its social network. So add a button on our profile, that's cool, but should also think of all the companies, all brands, all sites would also be visible on Google + they are already in a long time on Facebook.


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