Google Social Community: Google + to Compete with Fb


Google + used to be unveilled the previous day a brand new social community named supposedly to compete with Fb through all0owing customers to keep watch over data shared on the net.


It starts with a cirlcle tha allow users to separate their contacts depending on their affinity: close friends, acquaintances, neighbors, family, colleagues …


Google + has many elements in it which apply to other social networking sites like Facebook, can be found. So play with Google + profile pictures and status updates a central role.Unlike Facebook, friends do not all end up in a common list, but they are grouped in circles.Within these circles, many people can share content.



Function groups, recommendation, video chat and photos 

There is also a click feature that share information based on member interest…Google  + chat features allow up to 10 users. you have the following option:

  • +Circles: Organize your friends
  •  +Hangouts: Effortless video conferencing
  •  +Huddle: Group messaging on the go
  •  +Mobile: Mobile client for media uploads
  •  +Sparks: Chat with like-minded people about the stuff you care about



 hat most interest us, the system automatically sends us video updates from blogs and news sites in a continual stream, using an algorithm that fishing from a boundless variety of sources. The ultimate aggregator, you might say. 



Forhangouts but Google does not mince his words: "Pending the arrival of the transporter, is the biggest thing in circulation." In reality it is a space for sharing of documents of all kinds, chat and chat, which should allow up to ten people to work online simultaneously. 



Finally, with instant upload will automatically send you photos and videos from your phone to our online albums which is shared with the circle of contacts.






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