Google Quickly to Change into a Cellular Operator?


&#a hundred and sixty;Google&#a hundred and sixty;? it's simply the online, so there!&#one hundred sixty;Apart from that right here, in fact, it isn’t somewhat the case.&#one hundred sixty;Now not since the agency invests every so often on different areas, comparable to renewable vitality.&#one hundred sixty;And certainly, the agency will most likely now not cease there due to the fact that new data is doing across the internet.&#one hundred sixty;Knowledge that’s based totally totally on the next picture.&#a hundred and sixty;


 For indeed, it proves one thing: that the search giant is now doing his first steps as a mobile operator! But be careful, because it's not as simple as it sounds.

No, because in reality, this SIM card is not distributed to the public. From all we know, she was offered to employees of Google Spain and only employees of the firm are concerned at the moment. However, Google is also used to first test its technology on its own employees (fortunately this is not a pharmaceutical company) so it is possible that we find ourselves one day with a brand new operator on the market. An operator could also do great damage in view of the technologies and know-how that would be available.


And here we think of course in Google Voice , a service frankly intelligent, innovative tools based on highly flexible but also and especially on pricing particularly interesting in some cases.In other words, if Google were to enter the market, then this could cause great harm to other operators. Which would also not bad since they have long tended to rest on their laurels. And if the MVNO had not invested the niche, and if Free had not decided to enter the race, then no doubt that our package would be much less interesting today.


But here, we also know how to react when our operators find themselves faced with the arrival of a new competitor. In this context, whether Google should really start a day or MVNO, no doubt that Larry Page and his friends would have much to do to calm their passions.

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