Iphone_jailbreak_android_rooting_thumb In a post on the official Google blog for developers to Android, Nick Kralevich engineer in the team's mobile OS security, does not beat around the bush: operators and manufacturers should not block the release Android device
s, commonly called root

Like the Nexus One before him, the Nexus O can be easily root: it allows to install including alternate versions of Android, which is enjoyed by hackers, but also developers. Operators have specific builds of Android: SFR distributes the Nexus One example with a version differences infinitesimal version "naked", but that can not be directly updated without the operator proposes the next version. Same thing with manufacturers who offer overlays: we must wait until the overlay is updated to update Android. Rooter his phone means, for instance to install Android as proposed by Google, with immediate access to updates – subject to handset compatibility. As the jailbreak on IOS, it allows you to add features, but also has its darker side.

As head of security, Kralevich prefer that operators and manufacturers leave open the door to root by fans, which will prevent some from having to delve into the intricacies of the system and find a way to infiltrate: "It is possible to devise methods of root that protect the integrity of the mobile network, the rights of content providers and application developers, while giving the choice to the user". He believes that the user should not have a choice between security and openness, and should have both.

One can interpret this output as a symptom of a malaise that has settled between Google, operators and manufacturers: the promise of the opening of Android made by the Mountain View firm becomes in effect a sacred mess once the OS is passed through the hands of these middlemen. Google has shifted its discourse in recent weeks by a very clear distinction between the version of Android "pure" it provides and the other.The Nexus range has a bright future ahead of it among technophiles who update the internal software of the phone is an activity that makes sense ..

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