Google Majel to Compete with Siri


There are rumors that Google would work very onerous to increase its personal model of Siri, which might have the title "Majel" and can be launched subsequent yr. Restricted by way of present sensing machine voice on Android, Google would include the "language pure "in Majel, with the intention to be on par with Siri. That is the workforce to Google X that the task of developing Majel was given.


The first function of Majel would be to launch research on Google, which ranks well below what can Siri. Thereafter, the assistant voice could drive some functions of Android phone. Again, an Apple innovation is closely followed by the competition. Perhaps, however, that Microsoft, which advanced with bad times, a few weeks ago, as Siri was already in Windows Phone 7 also seeks to develop a credible competitor … far more credible than the current assistant set up. It's codenamed "Majel," after the woman who does the voice of the computer in Start Trek: The Next Generation.

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