In keeping with TheNextWeb,  Google will offer users a free 5GB of Cloud Storade, launching next week. This will be available for windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.  With the launch of Google Drive was to take place any day now, now, the question becomes whether Google can have a significant impact in the storage cloud. 

Their basic package certainly looks better on paper than the rival exchange, which gives users 2GB of free storage just to sign, but only one of the players gunning for an abundant part of the space storage cloud. As I mentioned last time, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft have already staked their claims with SkyDrive, icloud Cloud Drive and respectively. Meanwhile, the established players like box started paying more attention to certain market segments as a business as a way of keeping ahead of the competition. 


The clash is considering cloud storage as heated on the moving front, especially companies like HTC and Samsung have partnered with Dropbox to provide 25 GB of additional storage for the owners of a hardware or the Galaxy series Tab 2. Then again, Google is no stranger to the hustle their weight where it probably does not need to be – look at Google +. Considering how Google Drive was deeply in gestation in the womb is dark in Mountain View, I expect Google to grab every opportunity to push their new storage offerings on our faces.

 But hey, if it walks like everybody hopes it will, that can not be a bad thing. On the other hand, Techcrunch received Google drive app that was downloaded and ran, although it can't be connected to google server yet as it hasn't been enabled yet.


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