Google-NexusGoogle completes testing of its own model of “smart” watches, writes TechCrunch. Device in a metal housing and color display developed in an atmosphere of extreme secrecy .

According to sources , the Smart Watch Google resemble the design model Pebble last generation. The device is equipped with a color screen and a square shape on the main screen it has a background image with gradient indicates TechCrunch. Another feature will be a long work hours without recharging.

From earlier posts that gadget , working on Android, will be closely integrated with the assistant Google Now, taking into account the wishes and preferences of the user , it can also connect your smartphone to analyze the information contained in the email. In terms of hardware main job now is reduced to reduce energy consumption – the device should not require too frequent recharging. The company wants to make sure that the gadget can be recharged every few days . Thus , Google seeks to eliminate two major drawbacks of existing similar products on the market – to ensure ease of use and increase the autonomy of the device.

Google seeks to solve another problem with smartwatch: until they are just displaying warning complement to your phone , and not a full-fledged gadget that often causes confusion among users.

Earlier on Sunday, Samsung announced two new models at once smart watch. New items that will try to correct the negative impression from a very wet first generation Galaxy Gear called Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. In both models, the Korean company abandoned the Android operating system in favor of their own platform Tizen. Samsung promises that a single battery charge will last for Gear 2, 2-3 work days .

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