The Google Translate app for iOS and Android gets an update in the coming days, after which the Word Lens app with a text, for example, a plate can translate directly, without the user having to take a picture.

In the app, users can focus the camera on an object containing a text they want to translate, and the translation directly on the screen instead of the untranslated text. It also works without internet, says Google.

The Word Lens function is currently limited to English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian, but the search giant promises to add at a later stage support for more languages. The technology comes from a company that Google  took over last year .

Word Lens is in addition to the update also a function with two interlocutor to speak different languages ​​into the microphone of the smartphone, then hears the software itself which language the user speaks and translates to the other user’s language. This would conduct a conversation by Google Translate need to go faster. The app gets an update for iOS and Android in the coming days.

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