Google Virtual Reality Cardboard becomes compatible with the iPhone



What started as a simple nod to the virtual reality has ended up becoming a project of value. Google has just completed his annual keynote developer and one of the novelties is that their “center” of virtual reality will become compatible with the Apple ecosystem. And we say “center” because in reality it is a piece of cardboard that we can mount to make it glasses.

At its conference in San Francisco, Google has shown a second generation of Cardboard, it will be easier to assemble and expanding its compatibility with dozens of smartphones, including the iPhone. This new Google Cardboard will be compatible with terminals that integrate screens up to six inches.

Along with the second generation of Cardboard, Google has introduced a new platform for virtual reality dubbed “Jump”. Jump enable us to share our environment with other contacts and transmitting with virtual reality. It seems that the search is expanding its borders in this department.

cardboard cardboard-2And while the virtual reality of Google advancing steadily and safe passage, augmented reality seems to vanish. We thought we were going to have news related to the new Google Glass during the Google I/O 2015, but finally has not made any reference to the project during the conference opening. The search is expected to launch a revamped version of its Google Glass along this year, although the final version for the consumer could take a little longer.

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