Google-wirelessSearch engine, online advertising, cloud storage and of course mobile operating systems. This creative force may soon get to feel even wireless service provider. Even today, Google is to introduce its own wireless service, reports the Wall Street Journal.

That Google would go under the mobile operator, is rumored for a long time. Sundar Pichai last confirmed, his character product chief of the Internet giants including for Android and Google Chrome responsible for these plans at the Mobile World Congress.

According to Google, the wireless service is already set to be presented in this Wednesday. Wednesday is indeed traditionally used by the Company from Mountain View to its own services and applications to administer an update, but who says you can not take advantage of the introduction of new services on Wednesday? Last week, is a companion app surfaced that allows a detailed insight into Google’s mobile plans under the code name “Project Fi”.


Take Unused data volume to the following month: Google Wireless

Generally similar to the application in their functionality other apps so-called MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) and allows, for example, paying the phone bill, the administration of the data volume or posting a new phone number. Google Wireless, the rumored name is, primarily from the fact apart from the competition that users need only pay for their actual consumed volume of data. Google plans to ask users per gigabyte to checkout. In particular customer-friendly: Unused data volume should be able to take in the next month if necessary. Normally this will expire at the end of the month. If the volume consumed already in the current month, the customer should be able to additional SunExpress for the same price. Calls and SMS to be free in the US, while internationally incurred only minor costs.
The acquired data volume is all the customer’s equipment equally available. But every extra SIM card must be paid with a small monthly payment. Google Wireless meant to work with not only smartphones but also tablets that only allow data sharing. The convenience is here on the front lines: The switching between devices is possible without replacing the SIM card, even the forwarding calls and text messages to work, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Analysis of user behavior

For the new service Google is reportedly use the networks of US mobile carrier Sprint and T-Mobile. Again, Google comes with a crowbar innovation and customer should supposedly allow you to switch between the two networks. An automatic change should, depending on coverage, be possible. An earlier report in the Wall Street Journal According to Google Wireless will initially only work with the Nexus 6. Although this is quite possible, however, would be the attraction of Google’s new program, limiting greatly. In this respect, one should enjoy this detail with caution. As with other Google services also to the search engine to analyze user behavior in order to deliver relevant advertising. We know already like Gmail, Google Search or YouTube.

Whether Google Wireless is actually already presented today, but is at least questionable. On the one hand, the Wall Street Journal for its reliable sources is known, on the other hand would be the Google I / O 2015, which takes place in late May in San Francisco, the more appropriate date. But either way, Google’s new mobile offering will probably only be available exclusively until further notice in the United States.

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