Google working on making its smart watch



Google is developing its own smart watch ‘, echoing including Sony. Claims that the website Business Insider. On the smart watch would include support for navigation must be present, as well as receiving notifications for new e-mails.

It was already known that Google has a patent for a “smart watch” was submitted, but the company has not announced plans for a concrete product. Business Insider writes , however, that anonymous sources have learned that Google thinks about making your own watch and on the possibilities for the device on the market.

Google is actively exploring the idea of making its own smart watch. Specifically, it is looking at ways it might be able to market this device.


With the smart watch “Google would, as can be deduced from a product photo that Business Insider’s control, it is possible to navigate. There is also support for an agenda, and Google+. In addition, writes the site, it is possible to notifications of new e-mails. In the middle of the watch remains independent with a mobile network can communicate, or that it should be linked to a smartphone.


The weblog notes that the plans are at an extraordinarily early stage. They might, on the other hand, match into Google’s solution to focal point on new types of moveable gadgets. Up to now developed in that framework Google Google Glass, an augmented truth glasses. Furthermore, the corporate just isn’t the primary to consider ‘good’ watches: at CES in 2012 confirmed this sort of software to peer Sony and Apple would possibly have plans for it.

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