Google working on its own Gmail app for the iPhone


TechCrunch blogger MG Siegler is convinced that Google is a native iPhone app for Gmail via the App Store will launch. This he would have heard from reliable sources. The app, the functionality of Google's web app to combine things that only one app can like push notifications. We may not have even been on the app to wait according to Siegler, the app may have already submitted to Apple.


On his blog dwells MG Siegler on the app:

Google does point to their own Gmail app to launch, according to several sources. In fact, I think he has already been submitted to Apple for review. If he approved, he will soon come true. And I think Apple will make no objection.

This is great news for several reasons. First, a Gmail app! Great. Second: Those who have seen the app told me that he is great. Surprisingly, even.

Google currently have a web app, which you through a Google interface lets you check email.Because it uses your browser, however you do it without your mail is pushed to your iPhone. A special Gmail app would solve this problem. You can change your Gmail account settings through all of Apple's own Mail app, but while you can not use some Google features.

MG Siegler is a known blogger at the technology site TechCrunch. Thus he would also take interesting sources within the U.S. developer world.


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