The Motorola phone that Google is preparing to release as Nexus 6 will have a different name known as Nexus X, in which the Nexus brand  would remain , but not a number is used to reference the device. The collaboration between Motorola and Google for the next Nexus phone has been featured in several leaks in recent months. It is assumed that catch the witness Motorola and LG will manufacture the new Nexus, which could be the first device to come with Android L operating system.

 Rumors and data released so far pointed to a team known as Nexus 6 However, it seems that finally the name does not include number six by the Nexus and Motorola brand and Google would choose to break from previous models and use a for the device.

Until now the phone was known as Nexus 6 for two main reasons. The first is that their predecessors are the Nexus 5 and Nexus 4, so if that series is to follow this terminal should be Nexus 6 In addition, the expected increase your screen, which will be around 5.9 inches also invited to think that Google would use to use the Nexus 6 name for the device.
However, sources inside Motorola have commented PhoneArena portal that is not using the name Nexus 6 for the device. Apparently internally this new Android phone has been named Nexus X, a name that could maintain once it becomes official and is released.

With Google Nexus X and Motorola break with the previous name of the terminal, a move that could be motivated by potential legal issues. Specifically, Google would avoid a legal showdown with the author of “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Novel from Philip K. Dick ?,. Specifically, in reference to the book called Nexus-6 robots is done, which could cause problems for Google in case you want to use that name for your new phone.
Launch scheduled for October

Beyond the name of the phone, indications of plans to promote the new Nexus reappear. It is assumed that the terminal will be responsible for introducing the final version of Android L and therefore the expected time point to its release before year end.

The Nexus X would arrive in late October or early November. The Nexus anteores have seen the light in similar terms and Google maintain that schedule for the release of the new Nexus X. Thus, the company would have the terminal ahead of the Christmas shopping season, where the Nexus X can be one of the most popular devices.

As for the specifications of the equipment, what were forecast so far are maintained. Based on Motorola Moto S, the Nexus X would have a 5.9-inch screen dsiplay with a resolution of 2,560 by 1,440 pixels, a Snapdragon 2.7 Ghz processor 805, and a 13 megapixel rear camera as salient features.[via PhoneArena]

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