chromecast 2

chromecast 2

Google last week introduced a new version and another surprise, Audio Chromecast week. The same concept, only to send music to your old speakers. We’ve thoroughly tested and are a great little invention.

Google has decided to retire design memory stick Chromecast last one that at first glance surprising: A diso just over three centimeters in diameter and 1.2 in thickness with an integrated flat HDMI cable. It looks like a capricious change, but it makes sense.
In many TVs, HDMI ports are right on the edge, so the previous Chromecast just overhanging the side. With this new design you can hide it by bending the cable and magnetically coupling it to the back of the drive, or leave it hanging if you have space problems (for example, if your TV is very close to the wall or hang it). If you choose the latter, it will be something like the picture below. Maybe not very aesthetic, but 100% practical.

How to use it? Very simple and faster than before, and that is one of its main advantages. Just download the official app Chromecast on your iPhone, Android or add the Google Cast Chrome browser extension to send content from your computer (PC or Mac). Chromecast to connect the HDMI port of your TV, plug in the power (no battery) and follow the instructions. Chromecast connects to your home Wi-Fi and in less than a minute you can start sending the TV YouTube videos (with a maximum resolution of 1080p), Spotify songs or games. Basically you ‘smartphone, tablet or computer act as a remote control from which you control what appears on TV.
According to Google, the new Chromecast is much faster than before thanks to its three antennas wifi (compared to one in the previous model). It also supports the standard 802.11ac faster. And yes, the difference is remarkable.


Recall that the new Chromecast arrives with a much flatter completely redesigned and round in addition to being available in different colors as mentioned above, but perhaps most important is that it comes with support 802.11ac WiFi networks and 5 GHz for users do not have video problems when sending content to the TV. In addition, Google recently updated its application that is already in the Play Store also available for download.

The system can send content to two different Chromecast although this is not a proper function of the device but a possibility to be included in the applications that are used to send the content.
Chromecast 2 comes hit the shelves with the great challenge of overcoming the 29 million units sold worldwide by its predecessor, so we’ll have to wait for acceptance, but presumably sales begin today with great success. The device is available at the same price in the Play Store, $35.

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