We’re having a look ahead to taking off the identical information safety debate within the feedback. Beforehand must be talked about that the set up of the now free within the AppStore Latitude utility  voluntarily, and – at the least for lovers of the Geo-delicate Google supply – way more at ease than in July offered an online software


Latitude allows you to publish your own Web site in the continuously and selected friends and family about the actual current location to provide information that the. In addition to the automatically updated, current location (this can only be at the city level are also limited), status information given and contact lists are maintained.



Latitude with Google on your mobile phone you can see where your friends are. You can see the locations of friends and family on a card and stay with Latitude can easily contact them.

With Latitude, you can share your location automatically, even if the app is closed or your display is locked. For automatic updating is an iPhone 3G or iPhone iOS 4 with 4 or later.

You can use Latitude and from your computer. At google.com / latitude you can see where your friends are, and enable optional applications such as Google location history to view your location history on the dashboard.

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