pixel-phone-by-googleGoogle changes its brand. Following the launch in recent years of the Nexus phones, now renames and commitment to a new generation under the name of Pixel. Google does not want to leave the smartphone market. In fact, rather than surrender it has preferred to change course and start from scratch. Back leaves its Nexus brand which has launched several phones in recent years were characterized by the latest update of Android and have good performance at a good price. Now, Pixel is the new logo under which the search giant wants to become again a place in the smartphone market, with Apple and Samsung.

Although the presentation will not be made until Tuesday afternoon, the chain Carphone Warehouse has leaked the final appearance of the Google Pixel and its main features. On the one hand, both phones come equipped with the latest update of Android (7.1 Nougat) plus a Qualcomm Snapdragon count 821 processor, RAM 4Gb the same camera (rear 12.3Mp).

Among the most visible difference is the size. The Google Pixel will have a 5-inch screen, while his older brother, XL, work with a 5.5-inch screen. By weight, the greater is heavier than 30 Pixel model grams. Moreover, this space has also allowed Google to give more battery Pixel XL. Specifically, it has 3450 mAh compared to 2770 mAh simplest model.


The fingerprint reader, NFC technology or fast charging through the USB Type-C charger are the characteristics that complete these two phones for the price will not be known until its official presentation.

In addition to the new phones, from Google they have warned that their presentation will be as important as announced Android in which a few years ago. Among the most notorious rumors, the company is expected to give a special role to virtual reality and definitely show your Daydream technology.


In addition, the merger between Chrome and Android may be just around the corner. Google was thinking to unify their operating systems to run on PCs and tablets to work with applications on laptops. The project is known as Andromeda and if the rumors are true, and is just around the corner.

In addition, Google bet the connected home and announce several products to make life easier at home. A new wireless and compatible with 4K videos or your own router to enjoy wireless home Chromecast.

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