Google’s Video Calling App ‘Duo’ Now Available On iOS And Android


Google Duo

The new video telephony service “Duo” was presented at the Google I/O 2016 and is regarded as a competitor to Apple’s FaceTime. To date, the application was in a testing phase, now Google Duo reaches the Android Play Store. At this year’s developer conference I/O,  Google announced alongside the intelligent Messenger  “Allo” also the in-house video chat app “Duo”. Now it is so far: Google duo will be rolled out in the Play Store.

Duo enables video calls between two parties, relying on a new, more data-efficient technology. This results in better video quality than competing services is achieved. Calls can be made over WiFi and mobile data network – the application automatically detects the faster connection, changing smoothly for better option.

The functionality does not differ substantially from comparable services. Use the phone number can be reach also use the duo. Here Duo is compatible with Android and iOS. The operation was very simple held, so video chat can be started by a simple tab. Also interesting is a feature entitled “Knock Knock”. Here the receiver a live video of the caller before the call was ever adopted.

Google Duo

This service, which can be disabled, only works with people who are included in the list of contacts, not with unknown numbers. At the moment, it is only available at full capacity on Android devices. Toc Toc to work on the lock screen, the operating system has to accept APK, allowing Google to act on this screen.

In the case of Android, there is no problem because by using free software allows downloading all applications and may have easier access to the phone hardware. However, Apple, in semblance of security and user privacy, has a much more restrictive policy that does not allow applications to download those which you do not know the product developer. This policy is also reflected, as in this case, not allowed to install certain functions. “iOS does not provide the ability to act on the lock screen applications, so Toc Toc only work if the application is already open on the recipient’s phone,” said Google.

Google duo is currently being rolled out in the Play Store and is therefore not yet available to all users – too long, it should not, however, take. Also in this case is still the Button for preregistration to take place for the download. When Messenger Allo, there are no signs of a free availability. Since the two services are closely linked, also should be published soon final in the Play Store.

Download: Google Duo for iPhone from the App Store
Download: Google Duo for Android from Google Play

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