Apple, like many other large companies, acquired many companies to improve their own products. According to some analysts, the next acquisition of the company directing Tim Cook could be GoPro, the famous brand that manufactures personal cameras to especially record sports. As usual in these cases, Apple has not said anything, but GoPro shares have risen 16% in the last hours, an increase that comes after declines of up to 45% in recent months.

According to analyst Dan Ives of FBR & Co., this acquisition would make sense for Apple, especially if the idea of ​​Cupertino is add these cameras his famous ecosystem that we like to users. But Ives is not the first analyst to talk about this possibility. In September, the analyst Gus Richard Northland Capital said GoPro aimed to draw the attention of Apple and it had to create good content, software and hardware.


If we take into consideration that Apple created the smart watches and rumored that they will create their own autonomous car, these analysts are not saying anything crazy. Apple chambers (the iPhone) are already among the most popular in the world, coming this year to be the No. 2 behind only the first Nikon and Flickr. It should not surprise you acquire a company that makes video cameras that could control with your iPhone or, what would be more interesting with Apple Watch. In addition, we saw Apple patent on a system in which a camera could be mounted on helmets and goggles diver to be controlled remotely described.

However, we are only talking about rumors arising from reports of some analysts. If Apple ends up acquiring GoPro is something that we will only know with the passing months.

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