Twitter has its first Transparency File put on-line, which explains how ceaselessly the person knowledge requested via authorities. America is by using a ways and requested frontrunner this 12 months of 948 consumer knowledge.


The semi-annual  Transparency Reports  are  new to Twitter and are inspired by similar reports from Google.The first edition covers the period from 1 January to 30 June 2012. The report is specified from which authorities requests for Twitter users get information. The majority of these requests is done as part of a criminal investigation, according to Twitter. In addition, the reports contain statistics on takedown notices for Tweets that infringe copyrig

In the past six months, asked the United States data from 948 different users and in 63 percent of the cases submitted Twitter that information. In second place is the United Kingdom with 11 applications.  

At the 3378  takedown notices  that Twitter in the first half of this year received, was 38 percent of cases of material removed. In total, they raised 5275 tweets, and 599 photographs and videos. 

If information about a user retrieval, Twitter allows this person, if that is legally permissible, up to date. The microblogging service indicates not always cooperate with the requests, such as no user names are specified.

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