Microsoft enables in the U.S. market that leverages 100 GB of OneDrive storage service for two years. Unfortunately, this offer is exclusively to U.S. users participating in the Bing Rewards program.

Please note that the program Bing Rewards offers users residing in the States the possibility to collect points as a result of the use of the service of Bing, points that can be coverted in bonuses and rewards. In the case of bonus data OneDrive, not have to spend any kind of bonus, it is an option completely free. Below, you will find details n how to get the free 100GB storage:


  1. Visit
  2. Join Bing reward if you are not already a customer
  3. Login to Microsoft account as Facebook sign-in is no longer accessible to Rewards users.onedrive-space-100-gb
  4. Follow the steps, click the “Get My Storage” button, eventually you will see a screen like the one below and you will find OneDrive 100 GB of extra space to store your data!


This offer expires on February 28. It is a set of rules provided by Microsoft, OneDrive storage space will be updated in a few seconds and you can start right away to use it as a favorite.

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