A couple years ago the idea of  moving GTA 3 to mobile platform seemed insane : Well, you know that it does not happen though. As it turned out – and is still as version for iOS nothing  differ from the PC version . But more important , the fact that – mobile  are suitable for “normal” games or not , the ability to run a number GTA shocked and amazed .

With Vice City, of course, such enthusiasm was not there – if only because that is no surprise . You can not say the obvious continuation of a San Andreas – its potential port caused some surprise : the game , we recall , is the largest in the series and in his later years made ​​tight sweat old lady PS2. However, and this bastion proved too tough for Rockstar – Meet Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on iOS!


First of all , about the quality of porting – for those in the fifth part of the GTA played more than one hundred hours and listen to further praises not intend . Port came out great – really great, much better than Vice City. High frame rate – no brakes , it is doubly amusing , given that the second PlayStation barely cope . Improved graphics : Flirting with chiaroscuro , drawing and long – almost the most important! – Normal fingers all the characters.

There’s even a cloud conservation – a useful thing , considering that in the GTA with saves is always something wrong. Management , of course, a compromise between the sensor buttons and common sense – but , in general , easy and flexible settings . Official localization of 1C – not very honest, good, but after the ” spent ” translation little surprise. Oh yes, an important qualification – play in all this should be on the iPad; with the phone still , that peep through the keyhole .

And now about the very San Andreas – well, suddenly you are under fifteen years of age ( or, conversely, much more than thirty ) . The game, as we have said , the biggest in the series – and the GTA has always differed Rabelaisian sizes. In San Andreas is available to you the whole staff (compare this with one of New York in GTA 3 4 or one city and several villages in GTA 5) – and these are three huge , full-fledged town, the miles and miles of countryside , it ( the first time in the series) giant water space; is fully open access to the sky – normal planes in San Andreas also appeared for the first time .


Large space for analysis wherein additionally at all times one thing befall traveled out of doors the town became round legal capturing , racing on bikes had been on winding serpentines , and probably the most energetic customers of the day trip accumulated forumnye arranging trying to find Bigfoot , who allegedly sat down within the mountains . San Andreas isn’t just a recreation – it can be a different roughly mythology , a singular generator of your own tales – and , closing however no longer least , as a result of their dimension .

San Andreas is unusual as another GTA extra , wherein even has its minus – only a few individuals handed thru. In spite of everything, like to look at the whole thing, and there’s a lot , only a jumble of each more or less content material , simply separated by means of a comma the entire potentialities San Andreas, now not sufficient pages in ” a Phrase .” So – dotted about an important : the combat with gangs and keep an eye on over the territory , Courting and RPG-parts , snorkeling and having a bet charges robbing properties and basketball tattoos and trainers, starvation and scorching canine for 5 bucks at Burger Shot.

Even supposing the overall line of GTA: San Andreas, regardless of a large number of tinsel , immaculately maintained : about black man who goes to success. Furthermore,  if San Andreas got here out now , has now not managed to single claims ( despite the fact that even then there have been some ) . Correct impact of the tradition that rap in regards to the ninetieth , with all these gangsters throughout the phrase gangs Batlle and it isn’t stunning that the 2 different primary persona sketched with legends oldschool hip-hop.

GTA: San Andreas, for sure a milestone – and our just right fortune that this milestone may also be run on the subway which will work . Given the cost ( lower than PSN- model, as an example), now not the extra vague causes of folks that have no longer but completed . Seize the second – no extra GTA on cellular will now not be : IV got here out on some other console era and , at easiest, speak about porting start in 5 years .

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