Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas launched within the App Retailer



Rockstar games have pleased us again , releasing GTA San Andreas on iOS. The game currently available in  New Zealand App Store, but not in the U.S. .

San Andreas – the last game of the third generation of GTA (GTA III, GTA Vice City). These projects have in common not only the world, and the game engine , but absolutely stunning plot coupled with astonishing freedom of action. A San Andreas brought all these qualities to the absolute. Huge world , three cities , a lot of opportunities , role-playing elements , cool voice actor … All the advantages of the game on the move and do not list .

Grand Theft Auto Features: San Andreas for iOS:

  • Better graphics for mobile devices : increased resolution, redesigned light color palette , improved character models .
  • For iPhone 5 and iPad 4th generation and above we built the game dynamic shadows and reflections.
  • Supports all standard controllers Made for iOS.
  • Support cloud saves for all devices on iOS users Rockstar Social Club.
  • Two virtual analog joysticks to control the camera and movement.
  • Three different control schemes and customizable buttons with context mapping.
  • The list of compatible with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas devices – smartphones iPhone 4s or higher Tablets iPad 2 and above, and iPod touch fifth generation. The game supports game controllers for iOS 7.

Cost of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is $9.99. To hear your playlist called “GTASA”  in the game, and after the start of the game you will have a new radio station – “MIXTAPE”.

Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from the App Store at this link.

As well as, the builders stated that the cellular model of GTA: SA options elevated decision , recycled mild colour palette and better persona fashions . And the homeowners of the highest gadgets ( beginning with the iPhone 5 and iPad four) be capable to experience dynamic shadows and reflections within the recreation.

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