Great success for MySaver Kickstarter iPhone cable protector


Now we have no longer finished it but bought our wires, however it seems that it 'breaks' the iPhone charging cable an issue that many individuals are troubled. The Kickstarter MySaver challenge is funded inside no time. MySaver deals traders a easy protecting quilt for a small charge for his or her cables. The success of the Kickstarter undertaking will give protection to the colourful items will quickly seem available on the market.



The people through the U.S. website Kickstarter pay for the construction of MySaver, getting all a bit of protection for both sides of the cable from $ 8. For us Europeans, that price is $ 12 for shipping, which is converted back amounts to 8.35 euros. These are the prices of so-called DIY version, where you only get the pieces connect you to the ends of the cable back into place. For $ 25 (just over 17 euros) there is also a MySaver Pro, where you even have a whole new charging cable ends with strong gets sent. 


The retail values ​​of the skill will be slightly higher, can be read on the Kickstarter website. The success of the project is a little bit so that: 17 euros is a decent price for a good, brand new charging cable for the iPhone, and apparently does not last long.


The idea for the entrepreneur comes from MySaver Lehman Thomas from Brooklyn, New York, engaged in the repairing of damaged iPhones and a lot damaged cables passing herself. The protection comes in five colors that match the colors of the Smart Cover Apple sells the iPad 2They are silver-gray, fluoro-green, pink, light blue and the color is linked to our country.


Direct Link: MySaver on Kickstarter

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