GreenpoiS0n Jailbreak iOS 4.1 will be Available This Sunday?


In keeping with a query from a fallow on Twitter, the software signifies that p0sixninja Jailbreak GreenPois0n can be on hand on Sunday.


Developer @poisixninja of the Chronic Dev Team announced that Greenpois0n on this sunday, the jailbreak will be made available. Greenpois0n is the next generation jailbreak tool for IOS 4.1, which has long been in progress. The Shatter-expoit which the jailbreak-based tool works only with the boot rom of the A4-chip based iDevices: iPhone 4, fourth-generation iPod touch,iPad and the  news Apple TV.


It means that we have about ten to twelve o'clock Sunday afternoon the jailbreak can expect. 

With the iPhone you greenpois0n hacktiveren which is important for people who have no official iPhone SIM card to activate. Upon activation, the iPhone registered with an official operator. There is no official comment is made about whether the jailbreak will be tethered  or unthetered.  

The tethered status or not Shatter or green poison HAS Announced leg. It's a surprise!

To get through the waiting time there is a lock screen became available. The theme is 'greenpois0n battery' is created by a developer named 'Sadist' and consists of a lock screen and a slider. 

 Stay Tooned!!!


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