GT Advanced bankruptcy will not affect Apple Watch release



The sudden bankruptcy of GT Advanced Technologies has upset Apple plans. First previous situation is not the best way for the new iPhone, which remained without protection sapphire displays. Now under threat can be smart and Delivery hours Apple Watch. Do not panic encourages KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who have long been not pleased us insider information and reliable forecasts.

According to the analyst, GT Advanced bankruptcy will not affect the plans of Apple, on smart hours. Since Apple Watch sapphire ingots used smaller than 6 inches, then they are not imposed such stringent requirements in terms of strength, as in the similar components for the iPhone. Thus, for Apple, there is a sufficient number of potential suppliers of sapphire to provide them smartchasy by the start of production.

Also, Ming-Chi Kuo sure GT Advanced really was the first choice for Apple Delivered Sapphire iPhone 6. Bankruptcy same American company has left virtually no alternative, because it is GT Advanced produced the most durable sapphire to protect displays. In addition, other manufacturers simply do not have the technology that applies the bankrupt party to create resistant sapphire drops and bumps.

Nevertheless, in KGI Securities believe that Apple did not leave its “sapphire” plans for the iPhone, but the timing of the call will now be much more difficult. However, for the future of Apple Watch can not worry – this is good news, given the output of the game GT Advanced.

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