GTA 5 mod lets you blow things up with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7



The great fiasco of the year in the technological world is undoubtedly the problem of explosive batteries suffered by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which has forced the Korean company to withdraw all smartphones in the market and started a recall program with an estimated cost of about one billion dollars.

How could it be otherwise, the Internet was flooded with memes about it, but now the joke goes a step further with the release of a mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 which allows to use that phone as bomb in Rockstar game. The mod, designed by the user and can HitmanNiko download GTA5-Mods, is just a skin stickybombs using Michael and company.

It should be noted that it is not only a visual change, but it has certainly served to reflect with some humor the controversy surrounding the new phone from the Korean company. There are few thousands of users who have hit in the sky given the very limited battery life of the Galaxy Note 7 which of course is reflected in millions of dollars losses for Samsung.

Retaking the title of Rockstar, GTA V allows to now enjoy the “goodness” of the device but yes, not to give a use as its creators have imagined. The Galaxy Note 7 becomes nothing more and nothing less than the most deadly bomb in Grand Theft Auto V.

(Source: Modded Games [YouTube])

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