GTA: San Andreas Updated For iPhone 6 Plus And iPhone 6



Until now, many consider San Andreas the best game in the GTA series in its history. Last December saw the light mobile version – buggy, but working. If you have already managed to plunge into the world of gang warfare American punks early 90’s, it was time to return. Game updated specifically for the new iPhone.

The release date in the App Store is not accidental, and it is very cute. Unless, of course, such a definition can be assigned to a game in which you need to constantly kill enemies, terrorize the unfortunate population of the city and do many other controversial things in terms of morality. However, few people care about it when the storyline grabs and does not let go for a good two dozen hours. That’s not counting replay some particularly challenging missions. My most hated – closer to the end where you have to fly a combat aircraft. How many times have hitched bridges – not to consider.


A year ago, the iOS version is to please owners of the latest iPad excellent graphics, a significant improvement compared to the original for the Playstation 2. Now the toy is capable of working in the native resolution of the iPhone 6 screen and the iPhone 6 Plus. Obviously, the owners of a large iPhone will notice a big difference where, than users of the 4.7-inch model. Whatever devaysom you do not, do not expect to improve the quality of textures and the more pictures in general. The changes are mostly technical, but they are sufficient.

Textures are no longer awkward, and performance has improved, approaching 60 frames per second. The sizes of buttons and text have become inadequate. In general, now play the masterpiece of 2004 on the new iPhone has become more convenient. And if you add to it the joystick is generally mortality. In the comments, however, rightly noted: get an iPhone 6 while it is impossible. Manufacturers, missing demand!

Download GTA: San Andreas for iOS  in the App Store

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