gTar: iPhone-Powered Digital Guitar


Gtar the idea that that used to be unveiled just lately, is an idea guitar coupled with iPhone. As one can find within the image above the instrument is supplied with ropes and can also be managed by means of an iPhone application specific. The application also allows gtar to share music via social networks. In any case that of a traditional electric guitar, but it has a place for iPhpne 4 and IPhone 4S.

To use it, it will be essential to connect a phone and it will also use a dedicated application. The gtar is not a guitar like the others: the sound is not produced by the strings, but by the mobile terminal and especially the associated application.



This "appcessoire" has two distinct functions: the gtar first allows for everyone to learn guitar and play your own songs in minutes. No point having previously touched a real instrument before trying this guitar changed, everything has been designed to simplify your life. On the handle, the LEDs indicate what chord you must press and at what location. Even beginners will benefit from an automatic correction to get the right result, even if you're wrong.

The gtar is primarily intended as a teaching tool.Try a number on the easiest difficulty setting to play, you only need to hit the right chords. Go a step higher, then you also have the correct fret button. Because each note is indicated on your guitar, you do not have sheet music or guitar tabs from your head to learn.


The iPhone app will gtar a weekly update with new songs get. In addition, the developer intends to offer an SDK so that others can build apps for the gtar. Besides an iPhone connection, the gtar also a USB MIDI port, so you played music also can export to a computer for example.

You can order by gtar $399 on Kickstarter to donate. The required minimum of $ 100,000 has already been collected. 


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