Sometimes such situations arise when you need to provide guest access to the iPhone or iPad, by analogy with computers. In this mode, the OS provides protection against potential threats and ensures full confidentiality of the device owner . Developers Tools GuestMode added to iOS 7 guest mode , which can be enabled on any gesture Activator.

Originally guest accounts appeared on desktop platforms and intended for those who do not is the sole owner of the PC. Person can transmit computer children, friends or relatives, for example, to check email , work on documents or search for anything on the Internet . IPhone and iPad mode “Guest” as the system of accounts as a whole, are not provided.

However, after installation GuestMode users on iOS devices 7 may at any time to activate the guest mode . In this mode, the device blocks access to photos , SMS and iMessage, browsing history in the browser and the phone calls and other personal information. Thus, the owner of the smartphone or tablet can pass gadget available to another user , do not fear for the confidentiality of their data.

Guest mode is included in iOS in several ways , for example by using a PIN code . With the introduction of the device administrator password opens normally. If enter a special password , the system will be locked all your personal information . In addition, guest mode activated in iOS 7 Guest can press the button on the screen or swipe the password to the left or right. Enable and disable the tweak is also using gesture Activator.

GuestMode tweak is compatible with all devices on iOS 7 and is available for download in Cydia. Cost is $0.99.

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