Whatsapp already have in evidence the expected service voice calls via its platform. Currently this service only certain users can enjoy it. If you are not of the elect users, there is an excellent trick that lets you activate.

The first requirement to make voice calls in Whatsapp is that you have installed the latest version of the application (2.11.508). Furthermore, this trick will not work if you’re not Root for your KitKat or higher device. Fulfilling these requirements, the rest is easy.

You need to install first, Terminal Emulator app for Android. With the open application already installed and you must insert this code: star -n am com.whatsapp / com.whatsapp.HomeActivity If this code does not work the first time, try typing “su” or “su -c” command to start .

After putting this command you can make a call to a contact, but we enter this command again every time we make a call. But do not despair, there’s something you can do.

When you call a contact that has the latest beta of this service, voice calls will be permanently activated, so if we call back we will have this service for us permanently activated.

We hope that this trick is useful and can soon enjoy VoIP calls with your phone without too much trouble. For anything you want to add / tell our service also provided comments.

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